The Ballad of Crimson and Gold

A 5th Edition D&D Homebrew Campaign

The Duchy of Normandi

Before the dwarves invaded, constant re-divisions of Frankish territories resulted in rivalries that, for more than two hundred years kept the region in constant conflict. Despite the wars, Pepin Carolingian seized control of Francia in 751, he and his descendants ruling as kings.

Around that time, the Frankish coasts were raided and plundered by bands of Vikings, seafaring dwarves from Scandinavia. The raids took place primarily in the summers, the Vikings spending the winters in Scandinavia. In search of glory and gold, the Viking attackers pillaged, attacking coastal monasteries - easy prey for trained warriors. In 768, the King of Francia agreed to yield the Cotentin Peninsula to the light elves of Bretaeyn on the condition that they take an oath of fealty and fight as allies against the dwarves. As a consequence, the light elves suffered countless attacks by the Vikings, losing many of their kingdom's eastern lands.

Normandi Map (made with Wonderdraft)

By the early 800s many dwarves had taken to the seas as they fled from political turmoil in Scandinavia. Looking to new lands, they followed a Viking named Rollo who had promised to find a new home for his people. After suffering a defeat, Rollo attempted to flee from the Frankish cavalry. Unable to board his ships in time to escape, Rollo decided to make a defensive wall by slaughtering his army's livestock. The charge halted as his enemy’s horses who were intimidated by the sight and smell of the corpses.

Unable to attack, the Franks decided to instead open negotiations with Rollo. The battle ended, and both sides began formulating a treaty. The King of Francia ceded the lands between the mouth of the Seine and Rúthuborg in exchange for Rollo agreeing to end his brigandage, and provide the Franks with protection against future Viking raids. Rollo’s descendants have continued to rule the duchy of Normandi, which was named for the northmen who dwell within its borders...

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